In recent years, the College has been burdened by rapidly increasing credit-card processing fees, averaging 4.9 percent per payment. To reduce costs, we have adopted a new payment system that passes on the processing fee to the card user. You may still make payments by credit or debit card, but you will now be charged the amount of your card’s processing fee. 

The cost of the fee is determined by your card. To see what your fee would be, click the “Pay by credit or debit card” button below, which will open the payment form. If you enter your card information and payment amount — without clicking “Submit Payment” — you can preview the amount of the surcharge.

To avoid paying any processing fees, you may pay by paper check, or you can make an electronic transfer directly from your checking account — just click the “Pay by eCheck/ACH button” below.

Pay by credit or debit card
You will be charged your card’s processing fee.

Pay by eCheck/ACH
You will not be charged a processing fee.


If you would like to set up a recurring tuition payment schedule, please contact Sophia Caldera at 805-421-5911.