In August 2019 Thomas Aquinas College launched a second campus on the beautiful, former site of a preparatory school in Northfield, Massachusetts. Students can now choose between two locations to pursue the College’s unique program of Catholic liberal education — California or New England.

The New England campus operates under the approval of the Massachusetts Board of Higher Education. The Board’s grant of authority is subject to stipulations, the most important of which requires the College to submit annual status reports during its initial five years of operation, providing narrative and statistical information on the institution’s ongoing compliance with the Board’s standards.

Two Campuses FAQ

California offers year-round sunshine, mission architecture, and a nearby beach. New England boasts four seasons, red-brick colonial buildings, and centuries of history. Both campuses have their own distinct customs, but they share the same program of Catholic liberal education, employing the same curriculumpedagogy, and commitment to what St. Anselm called “faith seeking understanding.”

Thomas Aquinas College, California, and Thomas Aquinas College, New England, operate under the authority of a single Board of Governors and president. Each campus has its own dean, tutors, and administrators, but the two operate in concert, under the terms of the College’s founding documentA Proposal for the Fulfillment of Catholic Liberal Education.

No, students must choose to apply to either the California or the New England campus. Applicants who are waitlisted at one campus, may enroll at the other if spaces are still available there.

Students who enroll at one campus are normally required to complete their course of studies at that campus, although transfers may be permitted under certain rare conditions.

Yes! The two-week Great Books Summer Program for rising high school seniors is available on both coasts.

Tuition and room & board are the same at both campuses, and both campuses offer need-based financial aid. In New England, as in California, there is no charge for books or other fees.

With more students, the College’s financial-aid costs have increased substantially. Prayers and financial support are both greatly appreciated!

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